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MISUMI Oysters.

Misumi Town, Uki City, Kumamoto Prefecture.

Located at the tip of a peninsula facing two oceans, the Ariake Sea and the Shiranui Sea, Misumi Town in Ugi City, Kumamoto Prefecture, has prospered as a sea gateway with two ports since the Meiji era.

The West Port of Misumi is registered as a World Heritage Site as "Industrial Revolution Heritage of Meiji Japan" and is characterized by its landscape of retro buildings. The Hall of Law (former Misumi Summary Court), located about a 5-minute walk from the West Port of Misumi, is famous as the location where Rurouni Kenshin was filmed, and together with the West Port, it is a spot that attracts many tourists.

The present-day Misumi East Port is the center of Misumi Port, where facilities such as JR Misumi Station, a ferry terminal building called the Sea Pyramid, and a product center selling local specialties are located, and fishing and sightseeing can also be enjoyed.

The MISUMIMACHI Fisheries Co-operative Association is based in this East Port.

Uki City has a thriving fishing and agricultural industry that takes advantage of its mild climate, and has produced a variety of specialties such as seafood from the Ariake Sea and Shiranui Sea, citrus fruits, and orchids. Among them, MISUMI oysters are very popular and sometimes difficult to obtain.

This town, with its beautiful seasonal changes, attracts many people, including anglers and tourists, throughout the year. We hope that you will visit Misumi Town and experience its blessed nature and history.

MISUMI Oysters

Blessed with an abundance of plankton in the Misumi Sea, the MISUMI Oyster (variety: Magaki) is characterized by the absence of any unpleasant taste or smell from the sea, and its large scallops are full of sweetness.

November to March of the following year
Oyster seeds are delivered and hung in a place where the tide recedes (suppression shelf) to make the oysters more resistant to environmental changes.
February to January of the following year
Scallop shells with oyster seeds are tucked into oyster rope ropes and hung from rafts at sea.
Oyster rope ropes are pulled up from the rafts at sea to remove oysters from the scallop shells.
Remove the oyster and oysters stuck to one another and remove the adhering material.
November to March of the following year
Oysters removed in one piece are placed in baskets and hung on rafts for 30 days or more to further enhance the meatiness of the oysters.
The baskets are pulled from the rafts at sea, carefully cleaned and polished one by one.
Sterilization is performed 24 hours a day using free-flowing ultraviolet sterilized seawater.
We deliver "safe and secure" oysters to our customers.

Commitment to "MISUMI Oyster" production

MISUMI oysters are carefully cultivated in the Shiranui Sea in Kumamoto, where plankton, necessary for oyster cultivation, is very abundant throughout the year. Sometimes exposed to the harsh natural environment, they grow into oysters with a strong sweet taste.

The reason why we sell the MISUMI oysters a little later in the season is because we want to provide our customers with oysters of the highest quality and "the best taste" by filling them to the fullest extent possible.

We are particular about oysters that do not shrink even when heated, and we conduct thorough management at the production fishing grounds to make them even tastier.

With food safety and security as our top priority, we regularly conduct sanitary inspections of our oysters under strict inspection standards, and before shipping, we take the time and effort to polish the shells by hand, one by one, to remove any adhering matter.

We also use filtered, ultraviolet sterilized seawater that is poured over the oysters and sterilized for 24 hours before shipping them out.

It is our greatest pleasure to deliver "seasonal delicacies" to as many people as possible who want to taste the MISUMI oysters that we have carefully cultivated.

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